Shao-Lan Lew

Competetive sponsored endurance horse racer Shao-Lan Lew riding registered arabian horse GunzandRozes.

Currently competing in the AERC, American Endurance Riding Conference.


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Mckinleyville, CA.


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Shao-Lan & Gunz Currently use & endorse these products in training and competition : Bar Ale,  TipPerary helmets, Gatorade powder, RockStar Mango Orange Passion Fruit, CamelBak hydration system, Keen Shoes,  & After competing Tangerine Wheat beer by Lost Coast Brewery.

Shao-Lan Lew Competition
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2nd place in their 1st 75 mile race

Gunz takes a good roll after his first ever 75 mile race. The leader only had a fifteen minute lead for the majority of the race where both 1st and 2nd finished hours ahead of the top ten. Finishing the race in less than 10 hours it was a good first outing for the winning tandem, Preparing them for their next race that will have two back to back 50 mile days; and after that will be the Virginia City 100.

NBC Athlete of the week

Shao-Lan Lew named NBC TV's athlete of the week which aired 7/17/2013. The journalist stated that the Belmont Stakes is the longest race of it's kind yet pales in comparison to her 50 mile races. Turns out Gunz is quite the ham for the camera.

Shao-lan Lew & GunzandRozes double down at Chalk Rock.

Winning both first place in the  2013 Chalk Rock 50 mile race, and best condition.

Proving that they can win big without comprimising the health of the horse.This was a decided victory with several of the top ten finishing several hours after the leader.

Thank you to A&L Feed of Mckinleyville California for sponsoring this ride.


2013 season opener Cache Creek proves to be hot and hard.

Tripple digits in May made this season opener difficult for all in this crowded distinguished field. First time finishing out of the top ten Shao-lan & Gunz finished

22nd, no doubt inspiring the dominating victory at Chalk Rock.

  Shao-Lan Lews horse experience

    Shao-Lan Lew received a B.S. in Equine Science in 2007 from CSU Fresno. Trail riding since she was a child she has been competing in enduance riding for the past 4 years.

In September 2008 she purchased her endurance horse GunzandRozes from Paragon Arabians where she was employed at the time. Shao-Lan trained Gunz herself and started to do limited distance rides (25 mile races) on him in June 2010. They did well right from the start, placing 3rd at there very first race. In April 2011 they moved up to 50 mile races. They have only finished outside of top ten 3 times and have received 5 best condition awards which are more coveted than first place finishes, which he as also had; including several double downs winning both first place and best condition.

  What does Shao-Lan do in her off time?
    Pictured right with her mini wire haired dachshund "Pauly", Shao-Lan enjoys daily walks with pauly and aspires to own more mini animals like another short & long haired dachsund, a tea cup pig, and a mini cow. Shao-Lan is an avid reader and cook, checking out a bag full of books from the library several times a month, always included are several cook books she uses to experiment with new recipes. Being very atheletic Shao-Lan is always up to trying a new sport, recently attempting to surf behind a ski boat at Trinity lake. In addition Shao-Lan enjoys short skirts and high heels, and any opportunity to go dancing with her man.

    Shao-Lan & Gunz are currently looking for sponsors.

With an average cost of $1,000 per ride we are seeking partial & full sponsors, single ride & season sponsors, as well as multie season (up to 5 seasons) sponsors.

Sponsor rewards could include truck & trailor logo's, competition camp banners, Logo's on shirts pants, helmet, & CamelBak. All sponsors will be industry exclusive advertising & interview's.

Sponsorship will be displayed during pre competition training, competitions, and post competition.

Interested sponsors please contact Boyd Smith 707-834-2239 or